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About Us

Paul Frederick Alexander

Founder, CEO
The author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Virtual Teams”, Paul Frederick Alexander started his career in publishing, before he moved into the world of Information Technology and Finance. For over 20 years he worked as a Consultant and Coach for some of the world’s biggest companies. After the success of his first book, many people approached him, asking for his help in publishing their own books. Faced with this demand, he founded Solomon Key Publishing, a hybrid company that combines the best methods of a traditional publishing company, with the tools and flexibility that a virtual Internet company can offer. Solomon Key Publishing helps entrepreneurs and business owners use a book as a marketing tool and income accelerator, in the shortest time possible.

Gaynor Lynne

Co-Founder, Editor, Proof Reader
Author Gaynor Lynne has many years of first-hand experience writing, editing and proofreading manuscripts and books. Her eye for detail and her great understanding of the English language are a great asset to the company and the clients she works with.

Our Virtual Team Members

Our Worldwide Network of Industry Experts
Thanks to our extensive worldwide network of industry experts, we are able to retain the best professionals to suit each and every individual book project. Not one project is the same, so we make sure we assign the correct resources for each specific project.

1. Position Your Book

What is it you want your book to achieve? Who are you writing for? What is your target audience? Through our thorough one-to-one sessions we get to the bottom of what it is you hope your book will achieve for you.

2. Produce Your Book

This process involves everything from the acutal writing, several rounds of drafts and editing. Your book will then go through rigorous proofreading  before the manuscript is signed off.

3. Publish Your Book

After the manuscript has been approved and signed off, we move on the actual production and publishing of the book. We produce the graphics and  the book will be formatted for all the 70 different publishing channels we work with.

4. Promote Your Book

Now that your book has been published we will create a buzz around it by conducting a social media marketing campaign to generate free publicity for you and your business.

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