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” Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover!” We get this drilled into us from a very young age. There might be truth in this statement it if we talk human relationships. In book publishing, this is very different. People do judge a book by its cover! When people buy a book on Amazon, there are four things to keep in mind.

1) The first and most important thing about the book is the title. What is the big promise, the marketing hook that your book offers? You need to put yourself in the place of your reader who asks the question: “So what?” Is your title clear or is it a bit obscure? What about your readers in other countries? Does the title communicate the same idea elsewhere as it does in your home country?

2) Your book cover follows closely behind the title as the second most important thing about your book. People definitely judge a book by its cover, as they browse Amazon or the shelves in a bookstore. What does your cover communicate? Does it stand out from the competition? Does it project a professional image? Whether your photo should be on the cover is debatable. It will depend on your target audience and on what you are trying to achieve with your book. For non-fiction business books, that are used to build a personal brand, it is certainly advisable to have your picture on the cover. It will enable you to build a bond with your audience.  

3) After the title and the cover, the description of the book is critical. It should be like a sales letter or landing page, summarising all the reasons why the reader should buy your book. The description needs to draw the reader in, your message needs to be persuasive and catch their imagination. Ask yourself the question again: “So what?”. “What’s in it for me?” These are the kind of questions your readers will ask themselves. You definitely want to make sure that your book description clearly spells out the benefits why your readers should buy it.

4) The fourth thing to keep in mind when producing a book is the “About the Author” section. It will be on the back flap of a hardcover book, or on the back of a soft cover book, Your description should again enforce your main message. Why should I listen to you? What makes you an expert in your field? Take about your experiences, your life and how your message is part and parcel of who you are. Use this section to make yourself vulnerable and approachable. John C. Maxwell says that if you talk about your strengths you will have many admirers, but if you talk about your weaknesses you will have many followers. In other words, you need to be transparent and vulnerable to allow people to relate to you.

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