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The old saying goes that “Ideas are a dime a dozen”. Why is that so true? Because everyone has them, but very few people actually use their ideas to get ahead in business and life. There is, however, a growing number of people who have worked out how to get anything they want, simply by adding their thoughts to paper. Who are they? They are “published authors”! Speaking from my own experience, I know what it’s like to become a respected authority figure, simply by publishing a book. If this is true, why are not more people publishing books? I reckon it is because they think that writing a book is too difficult or takes too much time. But the reality is, writing and publishing a book is easier than most people think. And — it is possible to have your next book on your bookshelf within the next 90 days. Would you like to know how?

Here are just a couple of things that becoming an author would do for you:

First of all, it will establish you as an expert in your field and profession. If you think about the leaders in your industry, the people you look up to and learn from, it is very likely that you have come to know FIRST OF ALL through reading their books. The book exposed their thoughts and personality. You appreciated their insights and knowledge and decided to find out more about them. The same will happen to you. Once you have published your first book, others will come to see you as an expert.

Secondly, It will pave the way for you to offer other products and services to your clients. What better introduction is there than to give a prospect a copy of your book? Rather than giving or sending your prospect a brochure or a business card, a book is so much more appreciated and valued. The book will pre-sell your expertise to your prospects before he has ever heard of you. Even better, potential clients, looking for a solution to their problem, will even BUY your book first of all, BEFORE they ever heard of you. People who bought your book to solve a problem might look to you to provide consulting services or help them with other issues that need solving. Your book has pre-sold them to your expertise.

Thirdly, it will provide you with a lifetime of income. We all like income, but not all income is equal. There is “earned” income, e.g. the salary you get as an employee, and there is “passive” income, e.g. you invest money in a business, and the stock pays out a dividend on a regular basis. The problem with earned income is that the moment you stop working, your income stops. Passive income, on the other hand, continues after you have set up a service, produced a product, or bought a share in a company. It is the holy grail of business.  Becoming an author and publishing your book provides you will receive a lifetime stream of royalties. It is a well-known fact that publishing companies take advantage of “the little guy” and will take most of the profit. Royalties might be as low as 5-10% of the book’s retail price. What most people don’t know is that most books are sold at wholesale price, thereby even further reducing the royalties an author might have hoped to receive. 

When you engage us to get your book published, you will retain all copyrights and keep all royalties.

Fourthly, being a published author gives you great conversation material at parties and gatherings. How many people do you know who are published authors? Not many, probably. Once you have published your first book, you join the ranks of an elite group of people who can call themselves authors and who stand out from the crowd. This will also give you the confidence to begin new journeys and meet new, interesting people that connect with you through your book.