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“Success”, of course, looks very different for each one of us. There will be as many definitions of success, as there are people on the face of this earth. For some “success” means a big house, a big car and many other things that money can buy. For others, success means landing their dream job or dream contract, working for their ideal company or organisation. Again, for others “success” means being in the perfect relationship, with their ideal partner.

When we talk about book publishing though, it is key to be clear about when we consider a book to be “successful”. Some people reckon that a book should sell in the tens or even hundreds of thousands in order to be successful. They would say that “If you are not a New York Times best-selling author and your book is not on display in every bookshop or airport around the world, then you have not succeeded as an author”. There is no arguing about it, best-selling authors who sell tens of thousands of books are certainly very pleased with their results! Who wouldn’t? But is that really all there is to it? We think “best seller” = many books sold = lots of money. Conversely, few book sales (less than tens of thousands) = little money.

But is this really true? 

A Successful Book is A Book That Enables The Author To Grow Their Business 

In order to look at this more closely, we need to ask ourselves the question “What is the ideal outcome of our book?”. “What do we want our book to achieve?” Very few people in the world are able to live the life of their dreams, with ONLY the income from their book. So why would anyone want to write a book? It is impossible to predict whether your book will become a bestseller. If that is the case, why bother? 

The answer is very simple: you will make most of your money not from the book sales, even though they can be significant. Most of your income will come from the exposure and credibility you get as an author. The publicity surrounding your book will raise your profile and enable you to increase your rates as a consultant, coach, or speaker. As a published author ou can offer consulting services, you can offer group training or group coaching sessions, Workshops and conferences, retreats, cruises, masterminds meetings and finally one-to-one consulting, are just a number of additional revenue streams. 

So once we are clear what we want our book to achieve, we can get clear on what success will look like for us as an author. A successful book is a book that enables the author to grow their business. Stephen Covey, the author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” was successful as an author as he sold 25 million books. What is more remarkable though is that his training and consulting business is worth $500 million. He leveraged his books to grow his business. Another example is David G. Allen, a property expert, who sold 4 million books but generated over $100 million through conferences and training products. These two examples demonstrate that the positioning of your book is very important. Your book needs to position yourself as an expert in your field, thereby enabling you to create high-paying revenues streams as a result of your reputation as a published author.

We would love to hear from you about your book “project”. We would love to help you! Whether you have already written your book and need help publishing it, or whether you would like to write your book, but have not got round to it due to time pressures, we have a solution for you. As part of our solution we offer 2 book publishing packages: a standard book publishing package called the “Wealth Multiplier Program” and the “Platinum Program” package targeted at those who have already written their book or for those who have particular requirements. The “Wealth Multiplier Program” package is aimed particularly at business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, advisors and speakers. It includes the following services:

  • We edit your book
  • We format your book
  • We issue an ISBN number for your book
  • We create your book cover
  • We publish your book (Hardback or Paperback)
  • We make your book available to 39,000 bookshops, booksellers, and libraries
  • We Submit Your Book To 80+ eBook Selling Platforms  
  • We Show You How To Generate MONEY From Your Book, BEFORE It Is Published, Through Sponsoring  
  • We Submit Your Book To The Nielsen Directory  
  • We Set Up Your Professional Accounts For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Podcast
  • We Set Up 43 Social Media And Bookmarking Accounts For You.  
  • We Produce Your Press Release    
  • We Submit Your Press Release To 500+ Media Portals, Including Google News, Bloomberg, CBS, ABC, Fox News
  • We Produce Your Book Video Trailer
  • We Submit A Sample Chapter Of Your Book To 60 Websites
  • We Set Up Your Professional WordPress Blog

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