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Publishing a book and becoming known as an author, expert and authority is the best way to scale a business. It has the potential to double, triple or even grow your business by ten times. How is that possible? Let us delve a little bit deeper into this.

1. You Attract Prospects.

Firstly, a book enables you to attract prospects. What do we mean by that and how does that work? You will probably not be surprised to hear that the #1 search engine is Google. The #2 search engine is YouTube, do you know what  the #3 search engine is? It is Amazon. What however is even more important for entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s the #1 search engine when looking for products and services (with 44% of searches for products and services starting there). So if you don’t have a book on Amazon, and your competitor does, this means you are loosing out on a ton of free traffic.

2. You Stand Out From The Competition.

Secondly, a book helps you stand out from the competition. Let me ask you a question: how many of your peers, colleagues or competitors have written a book? If you answered none, this means that you have a chance to stand out from them
If you have peers or competitors who have written a book, you look at them with different eyes. You look at them with a higher regard. Why is that? Because everyone sees them as the expert and authority in their field. That is the power of a book.

3. Your Book Gives You Visibility.

Thirdly, a book gives you visibility. You need to be seen regularly by your prospect base. You might be ready to sell, but your prospects might not be ready to buy from you…yet. However, when they are ready to buy, you want to be foremost in their minds when they do need the product or service you provide. A book guarantees you instant (and never ending) visibility! Your book has pre-sold your services and you have a competitive advantage.

4. Your Book Gives You Credibility.

Fourthly, a book gives you credibility. What is the one reason people buy from you and not from someone else? One word: credibility. Your product or service might be of a similar quality and price as your competitors. Your product might even be more expensive. What is the reason they will buy from you? It is because your book has given you credibility in their eyes. They see you as a trusted advisor. Credibility, trust and integrity go hand in hand and without it, no money will change hands in a transaction. Why is that? That is because people buy from those they know, like and trust. Before buy a product or service they buy into you as a person. As much as it sounds like a cliché, it is so true people that don’t how much you know, until they know how much you care. They don’t really care about your product or company until they sense and know that you really understand their needs. Only then will they consider your product or service. A carefully drafted book can position you as the trusted advisor to your prospect base. Once you have won over your audience through your book you will attract customers, instead of you having to run after prospects.

5. Your Book Gives You Authority.

Fifthly, a book gives you authority. You could say that having authority is the next step up from having credibility. If you are the authority and expert in your field, prospects will attach greater value to your words. They will be more easily persuaded. This, in turn, will greatly reduce the duration of the buying cycle.
Your Book Buys You Shelf Life (Longevity).